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About You ~
If this describes you..

 ~ You're an intelligent, successful person, who has explored self-improvement and self-mastery.
 ~  You are open-minded and love learning new concepts and skills.
 ~  You want to uncover the meaning in your life and to align your work and lifestyle with that meaning.
 ~  You have a dream you've been postponing and you are ready to get moving to bring it into physical reality.

Then you've probably struggled with the following:

~  You often feel stressed and anxious.
 ~  You find yourself thinking, "Is this all there is?
 ~  You are worried you don't have enough time, energy, or money.
 ~  You have a hard time saying no so you take on responsibilities that keep you
from what you really want to be doing.
 ~  You feel disconnected from your meaning and purpose.
 ~  Your mind chatter has gotten very loud.
 ~  You are focusing on others and their shortcomings rather than on yourself.
 ~  You've reached a point where it's "now or never."

You are definitely not alone.

 After completing the 10-session package I can now confidently identify what matters most to me.  I am clear about what I value and what I want to contribute to this world.  I feel a sense of connection between who I am and the choices I make in how I use my energy. 
--Judy Gardner

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About Heidi ~



As a Life Coach, I support people in consciously fulfilling their life's purpose.
By integrating my past career as a stockbroker, my experience as a massage and Reiki practitioner, and my professional training through the Academy for Coaching Excellence, I have created a unique approach to helping my clients find and fulfill their life purpose.

My personal experience has greatly informed my practice.
I attended The Academy for Coaching Excellence to be a Life Coach so that I could learn to guide a person inside to find their own answers -- vs. projecting my beliefs onto them.  I intended to bring the information back to my Anchorage Reiki practice and offer coaching sessions in person.

So, the best intentions...  At The Academy I met Phil Hind, a fellow coaching student from Vancouver, BC.  We decided to travel together for a year while we were in training at The Academy.  We did tele-classes and received coaching sessions with our mentor coaches on the road.  In our daily practice, we had ample opportunity to use the tools of the model we were learning--both in our individual lives and in building our committed relationship.  This allowed us to test, and experience, the models' authenticity before we offered it professionally as Certified Life and Business Coaches.  I have seen many, many times over how well it works.

Having my own coach has made all the difference in my life.
I may not be a life coach today if I had not had such a positive experience with my own coach.  She taught me to go beyond my thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs.  She staked her life on who I truly was in my heart of hearts and held the high watch for me to walk through the obstacles in my life, both past and present, to clean up the sludge in my life and to live with clarity, focus, ease and grace.

Because of her willingness to believe in me, especially when I did not believe in myself, I am living a meaningful life with integrity and purpose, dong what I was placed on this earth to do and supporting others to do the same.  I have a coach and I am living an authentic conscious life as a Coach, Healer, Partner, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Mentor, and Friend.  I am now able to live--from my heart--in service to humanity.

I offer private coaching, Reiki sessions, classes, retreats, and workshops.
In each of these settings, we create a safe space to communicate and develop awareness, insight, and actions.

My Mission:
I help you discover what you want and how to use your vital energy to move toward your dreams and live a life of clarity and authenticity.

Are you ready to step through the obstacles in front of you and live the life of your dreams? 

Contact me at 503-566-6538 or heidi @reikiriver.com


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