Reiki River Studio


Heidi Gates, A.A.
Professional Coach & Reiki Master




Coaching means letting go of what life isn’t about—realizing that it’s not going to happen “someday” when I get it all figured out, when I have enough time or enough money. It means living my life, right now, being me.                              –Heidi Gates

How are you doing right now?
Is your daily life a struggle?
Are you comparing yourself to others?
What happened to that big dream you once had?  

Would it be alright  with you if life got easier?

 Let me help you create your best life--step by step — with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

"I had lost everything in my life, and now I feel like I am coming back.”  Mary Martin

 If you are:

  • Going through a major transition 
  • Navigating a career change
  • Wanting to revive and fulfill your long-postponed dream
  • Trying to find your purpose
  • Ready to Improve your finances, joy, creativity, relationships, or parenting

You're not alone:

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I now see when my feet are in the quicksand and I know what I have to do step out and move forward. I believe in myself and in the possibilities of my life. Fear is much less likely to stop me. Heidi has a particular talent for cutting through my muck and helping me to clarity
. –Cate McQuaid

A Unique Approach to Living

Reiki River Studio is located in Salem Oregon.
Reiki and Coaching Sessions are available in person in Salem Oregon.
Reiki and Coaching Sessions are available on the phone.

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